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TRASHION TRIBE has been inspired by the ongoing Climate Emergency and Ecological Crisis our Planet is experiencing at scale. 

This concept embodies the latent possibility that, should Humanity fail to reset this path, life as we know it will be transformationally different. 

TRASHION TRIBE thus reflects an imaginary parallel state of affairs, a dark[er] world that, unless we all collectively commit to change, we will not be able to avoid. 

By creating a fashion collection from used plastic, pieces of rubbish and litter, and weaving it into a mood board where a natural messy wave hair or a tribal makeup was used, TRASHION TRIBE recreates the aftermath vision of such a world. 

At the same time, by using diverse and challenging attitudes, facial expressions, moods and poses TRASHION TRIBE depicts Human Reactions and Emotions in a World where all the Elements ought to be destined to constant convulsion. 

TRASHION TRIBE is thus all about the capacity of Fashion to reinvent itself, over and over again, independently of shocks to human condition.

Trashion is a philosophy and an ethic encompassing environmentalism and innovation. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion, as can making avant-garde fashion from cast-offs or junk. It springs from a desire to make the best use of limited resources, and like upcycling, trash ion generates items that are valued again.

The environmental aim of trashion is to call attention to the polluting outcome of waste.

“We are now so numerous, so all pervasive, so profit oriented, the mechanisms we have for destruction are so powerful and so frightening that we can exterminate whole ecosystems without even noticing it.” – David Attenborough

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