I think every haircut must be a personalised one – and that is what I do for every client. Years of learning and experience merge into the real “base” of a haircut, the hairstyle created exclusively for the client. The haircut should be created focusing on the specific shape and characteristics of the person’s head as well as on the person’s style. As every client is unique, a haircut must  not be imposed but instead it has to naturally emerge from the existing hair so as to achieve the best look. 

I have always believed that style must be a reflection of ourself. I try to create an appropriate style for each person – be it a haircut, an up-do or a simple evening style. 

Fashion is important, of course. People very often come to me with a celebrity picture or a favourite model or fashion blogger asking me to give them the same look. But I feel very strongly that as hairdressers we should not just simply do a “copy and paste” of what is cool at the moment. We should use fashion to emphasise the individual beauty of a customer and not blindly follow it.